From premium endermologie treatments and body wraps to organic spray tanning and more, Dallas Endermologie is your go-to health and wellness spa in Dallas, TX. Learn more about Dallas Endermologie services and how we can help you reach your goals below.

facial by dallas endermologie

Custom Facials

Balance and brighten your complexion with a custom facial.

body wrap at dallas endermologie

Body Wraps

Rid your body of toxins and shed some pounds with slimming body wraps.

endermologie treatments at dallas endermologie


Reduce unwanted cellulite and firm your skin with endermologie treatments.

body scrub service at dallas endermologie

Body Scrubs

Exfoliate the skin leaving it smooth and radiant with body scrub services.

organic spray tanning at dallas endermologie

Organic Spray Tanning

Achieve your ideal skin tone with our organic spray tanning solutions.

freezing body sculpting services

Freezing Body Sculpting

Eliminate stubborn fat cells with freezing body sculpting treatments.

Let’s Treat Your Cellulite For Summer

Dallas Endermologie now offers freezing body sculpting services. Book your appointment now to receive 40% off your treatment!

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