Health Benefits of Endermologie Treatments

A majority of Dallas Endermologie clients book endermologie treatments in order to improve the appearance of cellulite, but did you know endermologie can do so much more for your body than improve appearance? Discover the many health benefits of endermologie treatments, particularly for both the circulatory system and lymphatic system, in Dallas Endermologie’s latest blog, “Health Benefits of Endermologie Treatments.”

What Are the Health Benefits of Endermologie?

While many associate endermologie treatments with the reduction of cellulite, some of the most significant benefits of endermologie are health related. From improved lymphatic drainage to increased circulation, your body will be thanking you after a treatment from Dallas Endermologie.

health benefits of endermologie treatmentsImproved Lymphatic Drainage

The lymphatic system is one of the most important, and quite possibly one of the most overlooked, systems in the body. The job of the lymphatic system is to rid the body of unwanted toxins and waste in order to maintain the immune system. When the lymph nodes become congested, they can comprise your entire immune system leaving you tired and weak.

Cue endermologie. Since the lymphatic system lies directly below the dermis, it can often benefit from the stimulation of endermologie treatments. With its unique suction and rolling motion, the motorized endermologie device stimulates circulation and softens connective tissue that constricts the lymphatic system. In turn, lymphatic drainage is improved and toxins are flushed from your system. When lymphatic circulation is improved, you will experience:

  • Decreased fluid retention;
  • Strengthened immunity;
  • Improved filtration and removal of toxins;
  • Improved metabolism;
  • Reduced swelling and inflammation; and
  • Improved appearance of cellulite.

To learn more about how our endermologie treatments and how they can strengthen your lymphatic system, browse our frequently asked questions.

Improved Circulation

Many clients leave an endermologie session feeling energized. This sensation is due to the increased blood circulation and endorphins released during the endermologie treatment. In fact, the rolling and folding of the skin during endermologie increases circulation by about 200 percent! Additional benefits of improved circulation include:

  • Improved organ function;
  • Healthy skin;
  • Promotion of cell growth; and
  • Increased oxygen delivered to brain.

Experience the many health benefits of endermologie today by scheduling an endermologie treatment at Dallas Endermologie. Our professional endermologie technicians will develop a customized plan to meet your health goals.