Say Goodbye to Cellulite: Exercise and Endermologie

Cellulite. Some of us know it way too well. “It’s the superficial layer of fat [which everyone has] that you see — it’s only a centimeter below the skin’s surface, and that’s why even slim women can have cellulite,” says Marjorie Sautreuil, an Endermologie professional for 25 years. Although working out and weight loss can improve the appearance of your cellulite, it won’t entirely make it go away. When you mix exercise and endermologie treatments, you can reduce unwanted cellulite and firm your skin for even better results.

Reduce Cellulite with Exercise and Endermologie

Test out our tips on how to say goodbye to cellulite with the combination of exercise and endermologie.

Exercise and Endermologie

Exercises for Cellulite

Cellulite does not discriminate. It can affect women of all ages, weight, and race. Toned muscles help to smooth the thin, weak layer of skin that can turn into cellulite. Try these exercises to treat and firm your skin.

  • Circulation: A secret to getting rid of cellulite is movement. By staying active or receiving regular massages, you can improve the look of cellulite. Many us sit throughout the workday, so by taking walk breaks or doing a few flights of stairs every hour, helps your cause.
  • Squats and Lunges: These types of exercises target your lower body which is where cellulite resides. By adding free weights, you can improve results even further. Try this Leg and Butt Workout by Shape to sculpt and smooth your skin.
  • Cardio: Workouts such as biking, running, and swimming are an excellent way to burn fat and improve the appearance of cellulite. The combination of weight loss and working to tone your muscles, you can renew your skin’s surface.

Exercise and Endermologie

There is never a quick fix for anything in life. Therefore, by staying active every day and adding endermologie treatments to your routine, you are on your way to reducing your cellulite. Managing cellulite requires a combination of dedication, knowledge, and understanding. Endermologie machines are non-invasive, worry-free devices. Throughout the treatment, our expert technicians operate the FDA-approved massagers over problem areas, working to tighten the skin and break down the uneven matter that causes cellulite.

Other Cellulite Reducing Tips

  • Drink water to flush toxins from your body, so improving blood flow to break up cellulite.
  • Quit smoking. Smoking harms the texture and tone of your skin by formulating blood vessels which increase the appearance of cellulite.
  • Eat more protein and greens. When you consume protein, you help absorb excess fluid in your body.

When you practice regular exercise in addition to our treatments, you can improve your cellulite reduction results significantly. With repeated endermologie sessions, your skin will look radiant, smooth, and refreshed. To begin your endermologie services, book an appointment with one of our professional technicians today!