A Guide to Custom Facials at Dallas Endermologie

At Dallas Endermologie, we strive to treat you to an hour of utter relaxation while balancing and brightening your complexion with a facial customized to your specific skin type. After custom facials at Dallas Endermologie, our customers leave feeling confident and restored.

Q&A: Custom Facials at Dallas Endermologie

Below are some commonly asked questions regarding custom facials at Dallas Endermologie.

Q: What is a custom facial?

A: Facials are used to achieve a variety of results, ranging from brightening dull and flaky complexion to fighting acne attacks. We customize our facials based on what goals a customer hopes to achieve and their specific skin type. By tailoring treatments to each customer’s specialized needs, we ensure that they leave with their desired outcome.

Q: What products will Dallas Endermologie use during my facial?

A: The products we use are by Pevonia, a highly-distinguished spa care line. Our products consist of:

  • Timeless by Pevonia eye makeup remover;
  • Timeless by Pevonia skin toner;
  • Timeless by Pevonia gel cleanser;
  • Timeless by Pevonia collagen moisturizer;
  • Timeless by Pevonia foaming scrub;
  • Timeless by Pevonia skin mask.

We also use Pharmagel products, an anti-aging skin care line that helps individuals with all skin types.

Q: What are the ingredients in these products?

A: Timeless by Pevonia products are manufactured with natural high-performance ingredients. Pevonia specialists are committed to extensive research on the development of healthy, effective skin care products. Timeless by Pevonia productsdo not contain parabens, artificial color or fragrance, alcohol, sodium lauryl sulfate, mineral oil, or formaldehyde.

Q: How do these products benefit my skin?

A: These products will reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, tighten and deliver antioxidants to the skin, fight hyperpigmentation, and moisturize and hydrate your face. Our technicians focus on utilizing products that will release built up toxins to purify your skin, leaving you with phenomenal results.

Interested in a facial designed entirely for you? Speak with a Dallas Endermologie technician today by calling 214-823-6666.