nside the private treatment rooms at Dallas Endermologie, handheld endermologie devices glide over stomachs, across cheeks, and down thighs. The aim is simple: to reduce unwanted cellulite and make the skin look as firm and smooth as possible. During sessions, clients slip into a special bodysuit, and technicians pass the FDA-approved massagers along problem areas, working to tighten the skin and break down the lumpy material that causes cellulite. Although clients may notice results after one session, multiple sessions may be required for best results and additional time to think of how to use all those empty fat cells for extra storage.

Our service includes multiple levels of tanning solution to achieve the desired depth of tan on your skin tone. Our certified technicians offer barrier cream to protect nails, sticky feet to avoid unnatural tanning of the feet, and equalizing prep spray to balance PH and make your tan last longer.

Aestheticians customize facials to skin type to balance out complexions


Thanks to LPG’s patented treatment heads, the endermologie® technique gently stimulates dormant cellular activity naturally, painlessly and with no known side effects. Awakened, the targeted cells then transform the skin from within for visible slimming and age-defying results.

Slimming Body Wraps



 Spray Tanning


In the same way that regular physical activity and a balanced diet are recommended to stay healthy, it is also important to give cells a boost so they continue to function optimally. More than just a treatment, endermologie® is a new health/age-defying/beauty routine adopted by millions of women for nearly thirty years. Making endermologie® a part of your daily life means choosing an intelligent, responsible and healthy lifestyle aimed at preserving your body and face from the damages of time.

Dallas endermologie  cultivates a tranquil atmosphere in which clients can release excess toxins and start shedding pounds. Staff shepherd clients through nutrition and fitness programs that impart proper celery-stick-lifting form, and infrared body wraps help usher out toxins. Herbal contouring gels, heated infrared slimming blankets, and botanical products all assist in slimming and trimming the form.

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